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Churches and Cathedrals in Stockholm, Sweden

City Hall


Stockholm is one of the world's most stunning cities, mainly thanks to it being sited on an archipelago - a group of islands linked by bridges at the mouth of Lake Mälaren where it meets the sea. It is now one of the most important harbours of the Baltic. Perhaps one of its most famous buildings, shown above, is the City Hall, built 1911-23 with a tower 100 metres (over 300ft) high. This stands on the island of Kungsholmen.

The churches in this feature are the ones that I chose to visit during my short break in the city. There are more of a similar C17 or C18 date which I did not see. I chose to concentrate on Gamla Stan (the Old Town), Norrmalm (the modern city centre to the north) and Södermalm (the larger island south of Gamla Stan).

Sweden is a Protestant country, the state church is Lutheran. A delight for me is that nearly every church of whatever denomination was open to visitors. The centre of religion in Sweden is the Cathedral City of Uppsala, some 80km or 50miles north. Stockhom has (at least) three cathedrals, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. I saw all three, but did not have my camera functional for the last mentioned. So - let's go!

Gamla Stan (The Old Town)




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