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St Aidan

with St George

Crews Hole, St George


This is a temporary page created in response to Email requests for pictures of this church. In time full text and additional pictures will be added
The first church was a "tin tabernacle" on a nearby site. The present church is situated off to the right of this picture.

In the background Clowes Methodist church (left), the roof of the Air Balloon Tavern immediately to its right and Mount Pleasant Baptist chapel (centre) in Bryant's Hill.

  The new church was built to the designs of George Frederick Bodley 1903-4 but is not one of his inspired designs.

This view shows the incomplete nature of the church, as only the first two bays of the nave and aisle were built. There is a "temporary" red brick west wall.

St Aidan's church is now the parish church of St George.


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