St Augustine of Canterbury (R.C.)

later St Catherine of Siena (R.C.)



Built in 1842 for the Clifton mission whose church of The Apostles (later to become the Pro-Cathedral) had run into construction difficulties. Following the opening of the Apostles (1848) the church became conventual and was enlarged in 1850 and rededicated to St Catherine of Siena. It was used by a succession of religious orders until it was closed in 1898. It was used as a furniture store until 1934 when it reverted to the parish and was converted into St Catherine's Hall and used as such until 1973. Parts are incorporated into the schools complex, used most recently by the Waldorf School. Future is uncertain.

Viewed from Berkeley Place, this part of the Pro-Cathedral's Schools complex is the bit that most looks like a church. The building must have been considerably altered. Climbing up Prospect Place from the base of Clifton Heights tower block in The Triangle to the Pro-Cathedral, the doorway and window below are to be found part-way up. Above the door is the Diocesan coat of arms and the legend "St Catherine's Hall". The window to the right has its glass smashed. Whether these bits were part of the church, I do not know. Other windows, like those in the main buildings above now look school-like or domestic. However below these buildings there is a much newer building (?c1970) on older foundations, again maybe those of the former church. (Pictures taken September 2000)


I offer these pages without any degree of conviction that all or any bits in the photographs represent remains of the former church. If anyone has any information please Email me (link below).

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